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Five Days Of Self

day two: wellness

We are dedicating Day Two of our Five Days Of Self series to improving our overall wellness. We wanted to provide toolkits to help when dealing with body image issues. Body image includes how you feel about your overall appearance, how you experience and control your body, and even generalizations & assumptions you’ve made about your body.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are mantras that are meant to instill positivity into yourself. When saying positive affirmations it’s best to stand in front of a mirror and repeat each affirmation three times. Need encouragement? Say these affirmations:

I honor and trust my body.

I love the woman starting back at me in the mirror.

I am enough.

The Power Of Words

Following up with positive affirmations, speaking encouraging words over yourself is so powerful. We’ve provided a ‘love letter to self’ template below. Copy the template below and use your notes app to add in your own words. Next time you need some reassurance read over the love letter you wrote.

love letter to self | template

dear (enter your name here),

it is (date) and I am writing a love letter to you. I love that you (write something positive about yourself) and (write something else positive about yourself). Things that make me feel beautiful are (something that makes you beautiful), (something that makes you beautiful) & (something that makes you beautiful). I love that I (something you enjoy that you’re great at) because it makes me unique! In order to stay strong and healthy I will make sure I (list a few things that can help you stay strong and healthy).

(your name)

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