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Five Days Of Self

day three: mindfulness

Since finding out about meditation, I’ve found so much peace and calmness in the middle of the storm. To be honest, meditating is kind of weird and awkward. You’re sitting alone, with your eyes closed, trying not to think? As a beginner, it can almost feel like you have to constantly keep opening your eyes to make sure everything is good around you. I’ve been meditating since April of this year and I would love to give tips that really helped me.

use guided meditation

I’ve tried to meditate with just my own thoughts and its definitely been a vibe. But when I was first starting out, I loved listening to guided mediation. According to, guided mediation describes a type of meditation led by a teacher, in person or via audio or video. I used the headspace app to learn the basics of meditation.

find a quiet space

Often times for me, whenever I’m in a busy area or overwhelmed with work, I find a quiet place to just breathe. I have been able to meditate in a public place like the airport, but whenever I’m in my space its a different kind of vibe.

get comfortable

Whether you’ve chosen your quiet space as your office and you’re going to sit in your office chair or your bedroom (check out our Day One post if you need help cleaning up your room efficiently) and sit in the floor. Typically, I’ll get a throw pillow and use it as a mat. Depending on which ever sitting way you find comfortable, get into and relax.

just breathe

Often times, I believe when people first start things they want to jump in and master it. However, with meditation I think it’s important to do what’s comfortable for you. The goal is mindfulness.

allow your thoughts to wander

Alright so let’s say you downloaded the headspace app, found your quiet space, got comfortable, and you’re in a mental space to be in the moment. What’s next? Once you begin meditating, your thoughts may wander or you may get out of the moment. That it okay. Allow your thoughts to wander and then focus back on your breathing.

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