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Five Days Of Self

Day One: Curating Your Space

Curating your space is so important! Whether it's your bedroom or an office; it's simple when using our 4 Step Guide. Sometimes life happens and we don't keep up with our mess… and that is okay! Our 4 Step Guide is easy to follow and you’ll be cleaning up your space in no time!

Step One: Sort

The first and most important step for curating your space is sorting what you currently have. When sorting everything, there are four piles to make.

  1. Keep: Things that you want to keep / will use in the future
  2. Trash: Things that should be thrown away (i.e. actual trash / broken hangers / empty boxes)
  3. Wash: Clothes + Bed Sheets (this pile may include things that will eventually go to the give away pile once they're washed)
  4. Give Away: Things that are in good condition that you can share with someone else / salvation army

Step Two: Tidy

The next step is to address each pile that you just made. The order of which pile you deal with first is up to you but I always start with trash because that's the most absolute pile. Below I've listed the steps of how I tidy after sorting the piles

  1. Organize Piles
    • Throw trash away
    • Seperate wash pile and start bed sheets first*
    • Place 'Keep' pile item where they belong i.e. hair accessories → bathroom
    • Consolidate all of the giveaway pile into bags of where you'll be taking them (i.e. clothes that you're giving your family + donating to your local community center
  2. Sprinkle carpet freshner and vacuum your room
  3. Grab a sponge + warm soapy water and wash things down (dressers, windowsill, blinds, desk, organizer)

*I wash my bed sheets first so once my other loads start to finish, I can place the loads on my bed and either fold, hang, or give-away pile them.


Step Three: Freshen up

After you've successfully tidied up your room and organized your piles, the next step is to freshen up the room. There are so many different options depending on what kind of scent you like:

  • Diffuser + Essential Oil
  • Candle
  • Wall Plug Ins

step four: Decorate

Adding refreshing art prints can help to add a sparkle to a clean and organized room. Sign up for our newsletter below to download your free Legendary Rootz™ art print set


  • KiaraJan 05, 2020

    Love love loved this! I’m anxious to start full-time after graduation. The thought of moving into a new apartment of my own and having such a big space…whew chile! Anyway, this post will definitely come in handy when it’s time to get my place together!

  • NeshaDec 28, 2019

    I absolutely love this! My job as a social media manager is very time consuming. When I’m “off” on the weekends, I spend that time recuperating from the week and on eggshells about someone from work contacting me during my “off” time. My plans to clean over the weekend are usually over before I have a chance to start. I’m currently on vacation and the first order of business what to clean my room and transform it back into my clutter-free creative space.

    I typically use a two pile method: keep/find a designated place for items and trash. I normally sort out clothes to put up or donate over time. It helps me to not feel so overwhelmed! This is a great guide.

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